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Product Details:
Package Length: 17.6 inches
Package Width: 14.0 inches
Package Height: 7.3 inches
Package Weight: 5.75 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 144 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 144 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

178 of 179 found the following review helpful:

5Great for lots of cansJul 31, 2009
By Mrs. Spumoni
Just got two of these and set them up in my cellar.

Set up is quite easy, you just have to snap (force) the spacer pegs into the holes, then twist to secure. I had to use a wrench, as suggested in the instructions, to turn the pegs.

In the sample picture, you can see green cans on the left and right sections, and yellow in the center. The center yellow cans are separated by three shorter pegs. You can choose to put those in, or just use three of the longer pegs instead, which would give you three sections of larger (15 oz) cans. It comes with extra pegs so you can pick.

The cool thing is if your shelf is long enough, you can attach two units together - so you just keep going after you build the first three sections (as shown in the picture) and add the next three on, with a section in between, instead of 3+3=6, you get 3+3+1 (in the middle) = 7. Each unit comes with six extra pegs, three short ones for the smaller section if you want it, and three extra to attach another whole unit to the side of the first.

Each section holds 16 or more cans, I don't know, I don't have that many cans of one type. I ended up putting a [...] case (12 cans) in the top, which means they roll out the bottom, and then putting three or four other cans in the middle. The middle ones don't join the roll toward the bottom until there's about five of the bottom cans left.

The shelves are made of a strong sturdy plastic, and a smart design.

They don't hold the big soup cans (18-19 oz) just the regular 15 oz cans.

111 of 113 found the following review helpful:

3Only Partial RotationJun 22, 2011
By R.L.B.
I purchased two units and joined them together. This gave me seven rows of storage for standard 15 Oz cans. Each row has three storage levels. Cans placed in the top level rotate to the bottom, first in first out. But in my unit, cans in the middle level just sit there indefinitely. To get them to move, you have to wait until the top to bottom rotation has gone down below the middle level and then you have to push the cans in the middle level to the back, one-at-a-time to make them feed out the bottom. This means you cannot keep adding cans to the top level until you have force fed the cans in the middle level.

In my units, automatic first in first out operation can only be achieved by not using the middle storage level which would be a waste of space and to a some extent, defeats the purpose for which I bought this can organizer

Although I am disappointed, I will use the ones I already purchased as they happen to fit almost perfectly in my pantry. But I will have to find or develop my own system of rotation instead of buying more of these can trackers for long term storage as I had planned.

UPDATE Sept 28,2014:-- Three years later and I'm still using these units. They may not work exactly as they should but by now, I don't notice the inconvenience as much as when they were new.

31 of 32 found the following review helpful:

2FIFO can organizerJan 21, 2013
By Robert Twigg
Tracker assembled nicely. When we put an 18 oz can in the top, it rolled to the back, dropped down, and rolled to the front until it hit the lower cross bar. This unit will not accept 18 oz or larger cans.

It was advertised as accepting up to 32 oz cans. It even says up to 30 oz cans on the box.

Cans that are in the middle row do not rotate untill all the cans are gone from the top row. If one were to keep adding cans to the top row, the center row cans would never rotate.

The seller sent free return labels without hesitation.

34 of 36 found the following review helpful:

5Now organizedFeb 28, 2011
By Princess Collector
This is sturdy, holds a lot of cans and works great. You do need fairly wide shelves as the measurements are 16 1/2" deep, 11 1/2" tall and 15" wide. I'd definitely recommend it.

22 of 24 found the following review helpful:

5Great can organizer!Oct 30, 2010
By SandyinSantaFe
I just assembled my can organizers and my pantry is looking good! The plastic is heavy-duty and there is no flimsy, wobbly feel at all. I can see everything, I have much more room, and nothing is going to waste. No more stacks of cans being knocked over in the back of the cabinet.

These organizers don't fit every can, but I cheated and put two, side by side without the dowels. This allowed me to put those big chunky soup type cans in a slot. Height was their limiting factor. When both racks are loaded, they heavy enough so that the two racks that aren't joined by dowels do not drift apart.

These racks will not fit tuna-type cans or wide cans.

I will definitely buy more of these organizers if I need them.

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